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About King Emlak Dalyan Estate Agent

Over the years, many people have walked through our doors, usually already convinced that our small town, Dalyan in South West Türkiye is a little piece of paradise. Whether they are just making a polite enquiry, looking to rent a property long term, or determined to own real estate in Dalyan, they are guaranteed a warm welcome from us. They can relax with a cup of tea and tell us their stories. We will tell them ours as part of the introduction to a possible business relationship.

King Emlak has been trading from the early days of significant tourist numbers discovering Dalyan. More recently, big city dwellers from other parts of Türkiye, notably Istanbul and Ankara, are arriving in numbers and we are able to satisfy their enquiries as well.

Dalyan has been growing in recent years with Gulpinar, Maras, and Arikbasi its three main traditional neighbourhoods. We can also offer choice within areas just outside our small town that often appeal to people wanting a more rural environment. We will answer your questions about price variations which might occur between neighbourhoods.

Our construction projects incorporate the latest design ideas and materials. They are both our own ideas which we then market, or we can source land, design, and build to client specifications. We are more than happy to take you round to see projects we have completed in the past so you can see the quality of our work first-hand.

While some customers are looking for a permanent home here, others seek an investment whereby they can enjoy some holiday time in Dalyan but also earn income from rentals. Our database of regular holidaymakers in Dalyan allows us access to people who may like to book such investment properties each year.

Our resale department has real estate from small apartments to luxury villas. Sellers have chosen us because they understand that our reputation has been well-earned and that our extensive database is likely to reveal people waiting for their dream property. That same reputation results in locals advising people to check our window displays regularly as the best way to see what is available, and what prices are involved.

As a multilingual emlak, no one should be concerned about any misunderstandings during a negotiation. We are well-versed in taking clients through the buying process from the very beginning, with legal and financial advisers available upon request. The buying/selling process has been simplified in Türkiye in recent years. Any negotiation will involve a specific currency at an agreed exchange rate.

We have made lots of friends over the years. Many began just as customers, but they are now dear friends. We look forward to adding to that number. We are available online at any time with office hours published elsewhere but flexibility on appointments depending on circumstances.

Sezgin Yigit
Managing Director/Owner